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Oliver Luke Delorie

  • Montessori-Style Preschool Music + Movement Teacher

  • K-12 International Development Workshop Facilitator

  • Author of 15 Books + Translated Into 12 Languages

  • Prolific Songwriter + Multi-Instrumentalist

  • English-as-a-Second Language Tutor

  • Award-Winning Artist, Poet + Chef

  • Youth Empowerment Speaker

  • Honorary Member of The Furry Five

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What People Say

Thank you Oliver for sharing your experiences with me. You helped me improve my skills. You are a very happy person and I like that from you. I really enjoyed your songs.



Oliver, you have been such an interesting, kind, engaged and uniquely beautiful part of our class. Thank you for your openness and kindness. Your singing touched my heart.

Oliver is a very talented musician with the xylophone, ukulele and guitar. Gracelyn went and sat on his lap for the goodbye song last week, so

that says a lot in my book.





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